September 26, 2023
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After I acquired house from a run in November of final yr, I typed into my telephone a listing of issues I’d seen on my run and added it to my Strava publish. I assumed I would hold doing it, as an train in noticing issues. It was good, having just a little visible journal of the odd sights and sounds of my afternoon jog.

In fact, I couldn’t take it critically, and the very subsequent run, I wrote a brief poem, and put that on Strava. It went like this:

Procrastinator’s 5K

I would love additional credit score

for the energy I burned

sliding round within the snow


I simply saved doing it after that, each single time I recorded an exercise: Brief poems, lengthy poems, none of them with any type of actual construction, however poems, in regards to the issues I see or take into consideration after I’m out operating, or mountaineering, or snowboarding. I don’t take heed to music or podcasts after I run, so I’ve loads of time to suppose. I assume there should be not less than just a few different individuals who do that similar factor (Strava has 95 million customers in spite of everything), however I’ve solely heard from one different individual.

After I scroll by way of my feed, I get pleasure from seeing what my mates are as much as. However I actually get pleasure from seeing what my mates are as much as after they take the additional 15 seconds to make use of that Strava house so as to add in a joke, whether or not or not it has something to do with what they only did on their run or trip or ski. And I believe that’s a pleasant factor to place out into the world.

Are my Strava poems any good? I assume they don’t seem to be (however possibly somebody with an MFA may present some readability). Is that this what Strava is for? Most individuals would say no, it’s not. I don’t even know if quite a lot of individuals who observe me have observed that I’m doing it, regardless of my having saved it up for nearly 4 months now. However I’m dedicated.

Listed below are a handful of them. When you’re on Strava, you’ll be able to observe me right here.

(All images: Brendan Leonard/Strava)
Running next to the frozen river As the path turns from asphalt To ice, then snow-covered ice The slight breeze from the east chilling my cheeks Not freezing, but I’ll be glad to turn around and run home With the wind at my back A ribbon of black appears in the middle of the iced-over Clark Fork Reminding me that under the layer of ice The river is still flowing along And while I’m up here feeling like a hero For exercising in “inclement weather” The fish are floating down there like, “whatever, man”
Doing some training Using a 16-pound baby as pack weight And hiking up Water Works Hill Interesting, you might ask, what are you training for? Well, I’d reply, I am training for hiking up Water Works Hill while carrying a 17-pound baby on my back
Passing a local high school track team On the path, or getting passed by them, More accurately, I remembered all of a sudden That when I was in high school sports And we traveled for football or basketball games That sometimes someone would find an unlocked locker And steal a sweatshirt or a pair of sweatpants With the opposing team’s name on them And since we were always in the girls’ locker room The sweatshirts or sweatpants would always say “Girls Basketball” or “Girls Track” or whatever Nobody ever got caught And now I can’t for the life of me Remember a single item I ended up with Which makes me wonder Did I actually steal anything? Or just see a teammate do it? I mean, I was a real degenerate back then So I kind of assume I did Oh well, The statute of limitations is expired now And apparently so is that part of my memory
Monologue In My Head As Another Runner Approaches On The Multi-Use Path I’m on the right side Far right My right, their left Looks like they’re running on this side too Their left, my right side Do they see me coming? Ok, you see me Yeah I just typically stick to the right side, kind of like driving Are you, uh? Oh you’re going to stay on the left Your left, my right Er, should I, uh? Or are you going to … ? Getting closer You see me I’m sure Is this going to be awkward? Playing Chicken I mean, no, I’m not interested in playing Chicken But are you? I guess is what I’m asking, because I’ll just move over, unless you’re …? Ok, you’re not Moving over to my left, your right Like we’re driving in England or Ireland or Australia This is fine No problem Oh you’re moving over now too? Here we are again Hi, yup, headed right at you No worries, I’ll move back to the right side My right, your left Oh ok now you’re going that way too I’ll go back to the other — Ok, uh, the, uh, you’re, — I’ll just run over here in the grass All good

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